Vietnam Local
Artists Group

Created by TiredCity in the early 2019, Vietnam Local Artists’ Group (VLAG) is a platform for young Vietnamese local artists in illustration and design. VLAG aims at becoming a community for artists of all styles, levels and age to contribute their creations. The group is also a place where TiredCity looks for potential artists to be promoted.

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our activities

Tired Icetea

Tired Icetea is a series of monthly events held by TiredCity including talkshows and workshops related to artworks, craftmenship and other creative themes. The events are to create an environment where young artists have an opportunity to share their knowledge, experience, and also inspire the audience of art lovers.

Illustration Challenge

Illustration challenge is a regular activity of VLAG which welcomes artist of every styles, ages and levels. The themed challenges are great opportunities for young artists to challenge themselves, show off their skill and get more exposure. Participants whose artworks are featured in each challenge also have chances to collaborate with TiredCity to bring their works onto physical products.

Vietnam Local artists fair

Coming Soon

Are you an Artist?

At TiredCity, we wish to create a destination where young local artists can showcase their talent and bring their artworks closer to the public. We would love to offer a chance for you to go further with your passion. Let’s make good art together!