Experience the Night tour at the Special National Relic Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam “Quintessence of Education”

Experience the iconic historical sites of Hanoi from a new perspective with TiredCity to explore the beauty of Vietnam's traditional culture: from participating in traditional experiential activities such as woodblock printing, calligraphy, traditional cakes, and tea ceremonies to experiencing 3D mapping technology on ancient architectural structures. Through a modern, fresh, and entirely different language, you will truly sense the heritage.

The "Draw the Dragons 2024" fundraising campaign is an annual event organized by TiredCity and the Vietnam Local Artist Group since 2019, aiming to support Blue Dragon Children's Foundation - a charity that helps street kids and rescues victims from slavery and human trafficking in Vietnam. This is the 5th consecutive year that TiredCity has organized a fundraising campaign for children, following the "Draw the Rats 2020," "Draw the Buffaloes 2021," "Draw the Tigers 2022," and "Draw the Cats 2023" campaigns, contributing to affirming the role of a creative business for the community.

TiredCity launches the fundraising campaign "Draw the Dragons 2024"

All products in the "Draw the Dragons 2024" Collection are designed based on the Top 34 most impressive artworks from Illustration Challenge #13, spanning across 8 highly practical product lines that carry unique cultural stories. This is not only a unique gift idea but also a proud tribute to the creative achievements of the young artist community.

Time: 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Purchase tickets at the entrance or call the hotline 19008124.

Impressed with the short animation of artist Lyly Hoang

Let's enjoy the short animated film called "Blood Bound" by artist @zaccr.9, who is currently a Character Animation student at the California Institute of the Arts - the most famous animation school in the world.

"Blood Bound" is Lyly Hoang's second-year project, which she personally produced from the idea, script, character design, color, and animation. The film revolves around two female students, Bac and Ai, when one day Bac accidentally catches Ai killing a classmate to get the lead role in a play she is involved in. With a daring script and impressive frames, the complete film lasts 2 and a half minutes and has received over 1 million views on the Youtube platform. Let's support Lyly Hoang's new projects here and look forward to her next film

Admire the winning artworks in Illustration Challenge #13 "Draw The Dragons 2024"

In just 1 month of launching, “Draw The Dragons 2024” - a fundraising campaign for children organized by TiredCity and Vietnam Local Artist Group - has received a huge number of submissions with over 440 registrations. 


After considering factors such as creativity, completion, and relevance, the judging duo, artist Pham Quang Phuc and artist Dat Phan, have selected the 33 most unique and outstanding artworks.

Vietnamese artist excited to join #belong2024

In addition to the "Draw The Dragons" Illustration Challenge #13 organized by TiredCity and Vietnam Local Artist Group, a New Year dragon drawing activity initiated by artist Sithzam and the Behance Vietnam community has also attracted the participation of well-known illustrators in the country: Nguyen Vu Xuan Lan, Pham Rong, Bao Luu, Bao Viet, Suki Illus. in tiny world, Tung Son Le, Vu Dat…

The activity will continue until December 30, 2023. To participate, please share your artwork using the hashtags #belong2024 and #behancevietnam so that artist Sithzam can discover and compile them on Behance!


To inspire you to travel far with your close friends, TiredCity has traveled throughout Vietnam to discover unique cultural stories from young artists. During this journey, TiredCity has indulged in local dishes, connected with multi-generational artisans preserving traditional crafts, and immersed in the majestic landscapes of the country.

With this new group of artists, TiredCity has captured the beauty of Vietnamese culture in 7 collections: "Dat Bac - Bac Giang" | TiredCity x Bao Viet, "Lang Nghe Truyen Thong" | TiredCity x Artobu, "Vi Ban Sac" | TiredCity x Shiro Nguyen, "Scenery of Vietnam" | TiredCity x Triet Tran, "Bac Ha Market" | TiredCity x Hi Mei, "Soi Mac Soi Manh" | TiredCity x Todd Huynh, and "Song De An" | TiredCity x Phuc Phong Tran. These collections promise to bring diverse creative perspectives on Vietnam's cultural story and inspire you to travel with friends.

Explore Vietnam with TiredCity and 7 New Collections

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