Illustration Challenge 14 "Trung thu vui ký" explodes with many unique artworks

eturning with the theme "Trung thu vui ký", Illustration Challenge #14 organized by TiredCity and the Vietnam Local Artist Group is an opportunity for young illustrators to keep their memories, wishes, or unique definitions of a joyful Mid-Autumn Festival.


The submitted artworks make a strong impression, with images deeply reflecting each individual's childhood, from moments of the whole family making lanterns and baking mooncakes together to lion dances and lantern parades under the moonlight.

The list of winning artists and their artworks: see more here.

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July 1, 2024 - July 31, 2024

Experience Area, Temple of Literature, 58 Quốc Tử Giám Street, Văn Miếu Ward, Đống Đa District, Hanoi City

he “Folk Culture in Gen Z” Exhibition, organized by TiredCity and the Quốc Tử Giám Center for Cultural and Scientific Activities, showcased the unique perspectives of three young artists on traditional literature, performing arts, and fine arts. The exhibition features 39 outstanding works on diverse themes, ranging from Đông Hồ paintings, a traditional Northern Vietnamese art form with a 400-year history, to Hát Bội, a performing art once associated with royal rituals, and Vè, a unique form of oral storytelling with memorable rhymes.

Explore “Folk Culture in Gen Z” Exhibition

This refreshing event aims to inspire art lovers to explore Vietnam’s traditional culture.


Admire the unique fashion of different ethnic groups through
"54 Vietnamese Ethnicities"

In the formation and development history of 54 ethnic groups, their distinct identities contribute to the diversity within the unity of Vietnamese culture. Over the centuries, these communities have bonded and united to build the nation.

Inspired by national pride and the solidarity among fellow countrymen, artist Nemoo created the "54 Vietnamese Ethnicities" project. The artist chose the Hàng Trống painting style, a traditional folk art that clearly showcases Vietnamese characteristics through its soft features and delicate shapes.

Hát Xẩm originated as a means of livelihood on the streets for visually impaired individuals. Sân Khấu Dù Kê is a blend of singing, dancing, music, martial arts, costumes, makeup, painting, and cuisine, reflecting the unique characteristics of the Khmer people in the southern region. Each distinctive element of these art forms, such as the artists, costumes, and stages, is depicted through eye-catching illustrations, harmonious colors, and carefully selected information to make it easy to understand and reference.

"Tinh Hoa Âm Sắc" is a book dedicated to preserving the traditional and spiritual values that previous generations have painstakingly created and maintained to this day. Illustrated by artist Kim Ngân, "Tinh Hoa Âm Sắc" brings the story of Vietnam's long-standing traditional art forms such as Hát Chèo, Tuồng, Ca Trù, and Cải Lương.

The Essence of Vietnam's Sounds

Each painting is a profile picture of an ethnic group, highlighting unique fashion traits. For example, the Tày girl wears a jacket dyed with indigo plant water, featuring a deep, steadfast blue with the fragrance of the mountains and forests.

"54 Vietnamese Ethnicities"

“Tinh Hoa Âm Sắc" project: Behance

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