With almost 100 pieces from artists Dao Van Hoang and Jeet Dzung, the "Into Wildlife" exhibition will introduce you to a new type of art that's still fresh in Vietnam: scientific illustrations of wildlife and plants. Not only will it teach you about different animal species, but it'll also take you to a mysterious and majestic wilderness world that's right next to us and waiting to be explored. 

The exhibition will be open from 07/09/2023 to 09/13/2023 at the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE), located at No. 7 Science Avenue, Area 2, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh. You'll need to make an appointment to see the exhibition, so make sure you register for a specific time slot before you head over!

Check out the "Into Wildlife" exhibition and get in touch with nature!

Check out Ghibli characters in traditional Vietnamese costumes!

ave you ever wondered what Ghibli characters would look like in Vietnamese costumes? Well, wonder no more! Thanks to the talented young artist Na Illustration, you can now admire these amazing creations.


We all know and love Ghibli, the legendary film studio that has captured the hearts of millions. Not only have they revolutionized the animation industry with their beautiful movies, but they also inspire many artists on their own creative journeys. Na Illustration takes classic Ghibli scenes and seamlessly blends in traditional Vietnamese costumes such as "ao dai", "ao tac", and "giao linh". The result is a stunning collection of artworks that give our favorite characters a whole new look! 

If you're a fan of Howl, Kiki, or Ponyo, then you won't want to miss out on these works of art!

Become "little kings and queens" with the "Hoi do..." project

When we were kids, life was easy - "Wrap a thin blanket around yourself, spin around to make the blanket flutter, walk around in your "long dress" with your head held high, and voila! You're a powerful king or queen in your own kingdom!" 

This is what artist Keyvies Nguyen shared when creating the "Back then..." (which means "Back then") - a toy modeling project made with Blender software that recreates the beautiful childhood memories of the Vietnamese 9X generation. During that time, technology and the internet hadn't "taken off" yet, and the kids were the most mischievous "lords" with familiar "royal rituals" like pretending to be a king with a blanket, putting their faces in front of a fan to control the wind, building kingdoms with pillows and blankets, and blowing bubbles like a sorcerer... 

If you see yourself in this project, don't forget to support artist Keyvies Nguyen on the author's Behance channel!

Animation inspired by ancient Vietnam

Check out this short film that's been making waves in the creative community! With its vintage pixel style and theme centered around the unique architecture of Vietnam, it's truly a standout piece. The talented artist behind it is Tran Tuan Hiep, born in 2001 and with an endless passion for animation. 

According to Tran Tuan Hiep's personal page, he's currently working on a game project with Vietnamese cultural themes. Let's show our support for this amazing young artist and stay updated on his latest work!

TiredCity and artist Nhat Tran have collaborated to launch the "Rubber Duckie Food" collection, featuring familiar Vietnamese cuisine dishes like fertilized duck eggs, duck blood pudding, steamed duck, duck omelette, and duck-shaped buns. These dishes are depicted in a cute drawing style with bright colors by artist Nhat Tran, and the main character is none other than the familiar toy rubber duck from everyone's childhood. 

Whether you're a "duck meat devotee" or simply curious to see the chicken's arch-nemesis turned into food, don't miss the "Rubber Duckie Food" collection!

Explore 49 shades of ducks with "Rubber Duckie Food" | TiredCity x Nhat Tran

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