TiredCity is excited to announce the official launch of the "Illustration Learning Series" - the first video series in Vietnam that focuses on the development of professional illustration work.

Created by TiredCity and the Vietnam Local Artist Group, the first season of the "Illustration Learning Series" consists of 8 episodes that explore the world of professional illustration in Vietnam. Additionally, each month, we will feature a professional artist who will provide realistic and diverse perspectives for those interested in this creative profession.

Official launch of the "Illustration Learning Series"

The first episode is now available on TiredCity's Youtube channel. Grab your notebooks and head over to TiredCity's Youtube channel right away!

At the end of this October, let's welcome COMPLEX FEST - "Everything, Everywhere, All at once" the multi-experience cultural festival only at COMPLEX 01 Community Mall.
Taking place on October 28th - 29th, 2023, COMPLEX FEST will bring a series of activities, including:

. “Ạrt Phêt” Creative Fair (”Nghề Nghệ” Art Fair)
. “Bền” Fest Vintage Fair (”Cũ Tớ Mới Cậu” vol.6)
. “Khéo” Fest Handmade Workshop Series
. “Biêng” Fest Craft Beer Festival
. “Musik” Fest Live Music Feast (Polygon Musik)

Gear up and prepare yourself for COMPLEX FEST - a multi-experience cultural festival that you won't want to miss!

COMPLEX FEST - "Everything, Everywhere, All at once"

Time: 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM on October 28th - 29th, 2023
Location: COMPLEX 01 Complex, 29/31/167 Tay Son, Dong Da, Hanoi
The event is open to the public.

To mark the milestone of 7 years of nurturing and spreading creativity, on October 10, 2023, the 10th TiredCity store officially landed at 13 Hang Gai street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi. This is the largest creative space ever by TiredCity, offering a wide selection of cultural gift products for both domestic and international customers. 

The TiredCity store at 13 Hang Gai Street has officially opened its doors from 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM every day of the week! Hurry up and visit the new home of TiredCity!

TiredCity opens its 10th store

Explore the Daily Life of Red Dao People with the "Ban Dao" Project

Although "Ban Dao" is currently only an illustration project created by a final year student majoring in Graphic Design, it has garnered significant appreciation from the creative community. Let us have faith that this game project will soon become a reality and support Hien Tam's latest endeavors! 

Link to Hien Tam's Behance

"Ban Dao" is an illustration project that portrays the production and trading life of the Dao ethnic group, specifically the Red Dao. In this project, players take on the role of Xiu, a 9-year-old Dao girl, and participate in activities like harvesting, production, and trading. Growing cotton and weaving fabric are also traditional occupations of the Red Dao people.

Artist Camelia Pham and the "Seven Deadly Sins" collection

n celebration of the autumn weather, let's delve into the world of sinful souls with the captivating "Seven Deadly Sins" project by artist Camelia Pham!


The "Seven Deadly Sins" project was conceived by artist Camelia in early July of the Lunar Calendar. It draws inspiration from the Vietnamese cultural tale of opening the Devil's Gate to welcome lost souls. Currently, the project features five artworks: "Pride", "Envy", "Greed", "Wrath", and "Sloth" - each representing one of the seven major sins according to the Bible.

Don't forget to follow the artist's unique project here! Link to Camelia Pham's Behance


mmersing yourself in the fields of flowers, stilt houses, and bustling markets of the Red Dao people through the "Ban Dao" project by illustrator Hien Tam now!

Let TiredCity introduce to you the latest collections that have just been released!

Discover the famous specialties of Bac Giang with "Dat Bac - Bac Giang" | TiredCity x Bao Viet

The "Dat Bac - Bac Giang" collection presents three pieces: "My Chu", "Ruou Lang Van", and "Tho Cam Cam Lan". It introduces viewers to the craftsmanship and traditional delicacies of Bac Giang - the birthplace of the artist's closest companion. The collection represents the diligent outcome of the young artist's study and serves as a heartfelt tribute to his beloved friend.


By blending traditional dishes with the distinct characteristics of each ethnic group's daily customs, "Vi Ban Sac" offers a comprehensive and fascinating portrayal of Vietnam's rich cultural diversity.


Rediscover the flavors of Vietnam in "Vi Ban Sac" | TiredCity x Shiro Nguyen

The "Lang Nghe Truyen Thong" collection showcases three artworks: "Lang Nghe Den Ong Sao Bao Dap", "Lang Uom To Co Chat", and "Lang Non La Nghia Chau". These pieces are the artist Artobu's way of honoring and expressing gratitude to the skilled artisans who have safeguarded a significant part of Vietnam's cultural heritage. These three traditional craft villages are also situated in the artist's hometown - Nam Dinh.


Experience the craft villages in Nam Dinh with "Lang Nghe Truyen Thong" | TiredCity x Artobu

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