Our Products

TiredCity products are the combination of highly controlled manufacturing, eco-friendly material and meticulously selected and designed artworks. With our signature product lines, including Apparels, Stationeries, Prints, Accessories and Home Goods, TiredCity’s customers do not only purchase high quality items but also bring home a true piece of art.

Shop Unisex Tee

Premium durable tees for men and women featuring original artworks created by local artists.


Shop Tote Bag

Bring your world everyday with a Basic Tote Bag - Reusable and Environmentally Friendly.


Bring local artworks into the world that you live in.


Shop Postcard

Another way to connect to the world.


Shop Spiral Notebook

Write your dream, sketch your future and live green!


Shop Mini Spiral Notebook

The same spiral notebook, but in mini size!

Shop Sticker

Personalize all stuffs with TiredCity’s Set of Three Stickers. Ready for your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and more.


Shop Magnet

Acrylic Magnet which aims the artwork with acrylic material outstanding.

Shop Keychain

Just a thing for holding your key!

Shop Enamel Pin

Designed by die-cut shape with unique local artworks, each TiredCity Enamel Pin is not only an accessory but also a way to show your personal characteristics.

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